The mission of Shasta Partners is to offer the highest level of advisory service to our technology and technology-enabled clients. To accomplish our mission, we manage every transaction with a "hands-on" approach. The senior partners at Shasta stay involved on a daily-basis, through every aspect of a transaction - from the opening kick-off meeting to the preparation of descriptive memoranda to working side-by-side with our client's lawyers negotiating the details of the legal documents. Shasta Partners is deeply committed to its clients and provides them with an unrivaled level of service and professionalism.


Experience Matters — In investment banking, there is no substitute for deal experience. Founder, Greg Burkus and senior partner, Bob Benner have worked on and closed over two hundred transactions during their respective 25-year Wall Street careers. They have experience working with both private and publicly-traded clients at all stages of development, from start-ups to large, established companies.

Senior Level Attention — The senior partners at Shasta not only lead transactions but are actively involved throughout the entire life-cycle of the deal - from the drafting of descriptive memoranda and management presentations to making the first calls to potential interested parties. Shasta Partners believes a transaction is shaped and positioned in its early stages - during initial buyer and investor contact - and that senior level attention is required on a daily-basis in order to truly maximize value.

No Conflicts — Shasta Partners provides conflict-free advice to our clients. As an independent firm, Shasta Partners avoids many of the conflicts that can arise at larger financial institutions. We will never sacrifice our integrity for the sake of completing a deal. Numerous repeat engagements are proof that long-term relationships matter to our clients.

Tenacity — Deals seldom come together without a lot of hard work. Shasta Partners knows this to be the case – it has the battle scars from executing over two hundred transactions. As in climbing mountains or completing marathons, closing a transaction requires persistence and tenacity.


With a height of 14,179 feet, Mount Shasta is the highest peak in Northern California and one of the largest volcanic peaks in the world. Founder, Greg Burkus has climbed to the top of Mount Shasta several times. The journey to the top of the mountain reminded Burkus of his many years in the deal business. First of all, there are no shortcuts to the summit. Having the right team is essential and there is no substitute for experience. To summit requires a lot of hard work and determination. There will be ample times when you will think about turning around and heading back down the mountain. You must persevere and maintain confidence in your abilities. The feeling of accomplishment after completing the climb — like closing a tough deal — is why Burkus has been an avid climber and investment banker for more than 20-years.